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Let every family have a real intelligent robot

inxni navigated robot floor sweeper is the answer to the requirements of industry users,

and the market The randomly dashing floor sweeper requiring human intervention being sold now has

the disadvantages of repeated cleaning with omission and low overall efficiency

which cannot meet requirements of household cleaning of customers

Thus, a revolutionary floor sweeper, i.e. inxni navigatedrobot floor sweeper is born

inxni Auto Pilot Floor Cleaning Robot inxni navigated robot floor sweeper carries 11-year technological research,

development, and production advantages of ShenzhenXrobot Co., Ltd. It is engaged in research and development,

production and sales of household service robots.

It is a leader in domestic household service robot industry.

With a development history of more than 10 years,

the intelligent industry scale of Silver Star has been expanded gradually.

Industry patent holding numbers rank the second in the world, 4 of which are international patents,

131 of which are domestic patents, 10 of which are software copyrights.

It is honored as a state-level high-tech enterprise

Taking the national Torch Program “Intelligent service robots”

Honored as Vice Director Unit of Robot Industry Association of Guangdong Province

and participated into IEC standards setting.

Peking University graduates and doctoral students joint training base.

Xrobot’s R & D center has been classified as "Important Construction Project In Shenzhen”

Providing technical R&D and manufacturing service for a variety of international famous brands.

The quality of products is trusted by clients and enjoys a high reputation

in the domestic and international market.